this wiki is pretty much dead, feel free to write new shit but *try* not to vandalize any pages thanks
also, big round of applause to our good friend Freenom, who have sold our domain for 8 euros. Really Freenom? only 8? thought we had something special..

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Welcome to Vandalism Wiki,
the vandalised version of Wikipedia.
246 pages on this wiki
Welcome to Vandalism Wiki, the vandalised version of Wikipedia.
This wiki is free to edit and all types of people (and aliens!) can contribute! Just make some funny stuff that says what you want! Literally just an Uncyclopedia clone! Wow!

Currently this wiki is small, but you can make it very big! (if you have ideas of course)


  • the wiki has been moved to a subdomain, see the site notice at the top for details
  • Vandalism Wiki is back! (yet yet YET YET again...). How the cycle repeats itself ain' it ? for 4 times...
  • Upgraded VandalismWiki to Mediawiki 1.31
  • VandalismWiki has 200 pages!

On this day...

  • Nothing happened...

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The Article of the Month is... How to Crash a Car!

How To Crash A Car: Step One : Get A New Shiny Lamborghini Step Two : Get In It...

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